What is the Hermes Program?

Hermes imagen
Programa Hermes

It is a program created in order to transform school conflicts through the use of ADRs and the prevention of bullying in schools in Bogotá and the region. It has also been devised as a pedagogic alternative that provides tools for the development of social competencies in younger populations, directed towards the academic community as a whole: parents, teachers, directors and students. The name "Hermes" refers to the Greek god, famous for its skills as both a mediator and a messenger, as well as the guide in trade and communications. 

The program starts with the selection of a group of young students and teachers who will participate in the training process and take part in several events that bring ADRs into awareness. This part of the process also involves all other members of the academic community at each of the institutions. 


Learn about the different acknowledgments that highlight the results achieved by the Hermes Program.

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