Preventing bullying

Many situations start with an inter-personal conflict or dispute that is not addressed properly in time and can end up turning into a classic case of harassment or bullying.

Therefore, conflict can be escalated, resolved or maintained, depending on each specific case and the methods chosen to address it. 

Therefore, the Hermes Program has several strategies and components in place, aimed at lowering school violence indices and to properly addressing conflicts among peers, avoiding their escalation.

Hermes is beneficial for students because


• It fosters good and healthy spaces for school coexistence, promoting a culture of school conciliation.
• It repairs the interpersonal relations built in both school and family environments.
• It reduces the number of serious sanctions and penalties avoiding the escalation of the conflict.
• It invites students to participate responsibly and to remain committed towards their school environment.
• It promotes competencies that enrich entrepreneurship processes.

Hermes benefits academic institutions  

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