How it works


Download the  for your request (spanish version).

Conciliation: it is a means of resolving conflicts, based on communications between the parties, the exchange of ideas and the participation of a third party expert in conflict resolution. 

To have access to conciliation:

1. Request the service. File your conciliation request at any of our venues and attach the form that will be given to you. You can also download it here.
2. Payment of the service. The rate payable will be calculated based on the amount to be conciliated; the maximum amount will be 30 Minimum Legal Monthly Wages.
3. Admission of the proceeding. The Center of Arbitration and Conciliation will have seven work days from the time the request is filed to hold the hearing (except when the parties agree on a different period).
4. Conciliation hearing. The parties and the conciliator will work towards reaching an agreement.


Learn which venues offer the Center of Arbitration and Conciliation's conciliation service.

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