How to file a case


Amicable settlement

Filing of the request

The interested party must present a written document including all pertinent documents such as the payment stub and the contract which states the agreement about Amicable Settlement.

Payment of filing costs.

Filing costs must be paid in advance at any of the CCB's venues in order to access the Amicable Settlement program, keeping in mind: 

  • Proceedings related to amounts smaller than 10 MLMW, the amount payable is 15 Daily Legal Minimum Wages plus VAT.
  • Proceedings related to amounts greater than 10 MLMW, the amount payable is 1 MLMW plus VAT.

Filing locations

Bring the required documentation to any of the CCB's venues before 4 p.m. 


The request must be filed in two folios, as follows:

  • Request for amicable settlement, certificate of existence and legal representation (if any), and payment stub.
  • Documents considered relevant for the honest broker to know and review, a copy of the request and the documents provided for each one of the parties to be involved in the proceeding.
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