What is it?

It is a service provided by the CCB, through the Center of Arbitration and Conciliation, at the Community and Enterprise Coexistence sites, which opens spaces for dialogue helping citizens resolve their disputes peacefully.

Our work is based on two main axes to provide society with this important tool:


Through pedagogic actions, such as:

  • Illustrative lectures
  • Sensibilization workshops about conflict and dispute conciliation in equity
  • City and regional conflict-resolution activities directed at promoting a positive outlook towards conflicts in citizens

The Center of Arbitration and Conciliation seeks to provide conflict-management tools which are effective, peaceful and alternative.

Equity conciliation

It is a program aimed towards establishing prevention and intervention activities for individuals facing conflicts. Its main purpose lies in avoiding the use of violence in human interactions and relations.

Learn the explicit conciliation law:  Law 446 of 1998  (spanish version).

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