How it works

This service is free of charge and is carried out by community leaders trained by the CCB to provide assistance and support to any citizens that requires it.

Please remember that you may visit any of our Venues and Community Halls to make the most out of this conciliation mechanism.  

There are our venues  


Equity conciliation: 

It is a program aimed towards establishing prevention and intervention activities for individuals facing conflicts. Its main purpose lies in avoiding the use of violence in human interactions and relations. 

• Citizens approach one of the Community Coexistence venues with the full names and address of the person they wish to invite to the conciliation proceeding.
• The case is made and the conciliation hearing is scheduled.


An invitation is delivered to the summoner and the summoned, providing them with the date, time and place of the conciliation hearing.


The parties meet in the company of an equity conciliator, the differences are exposed and the conciliation agreements are defined.


The process yields its results, which may be in the form of a conciliation agreement or an impossibility.

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