Means of payment:

  • Payment will be made directly at the CCB's commercial sites where the Center of Arbitration and Conciliation provides its services, along with a sent letter stating the payable amount. These CCB commercial sites CCB provide all payment means. 
  • Once you make the payment, you must deliver the receipt to the venue where you filed the request. 

Services policies:

  • Payment is mandatory and must be made in advance to start the proceeding.
  • The obligations that the Center of Arbitration and Conciliation and the conciliator assume towards the customer are of means and not of results; therefore, they will provide the customer the necessary resources and skills to achieve a successful proceeding. No guarantees are given regarding the achievement of an agreement. 
  • No refunds will be given. 
  • Rates will be made based on the capital amounts of the credits borne by the debtor as per the list of creditors provided when requesting the proceeding. 
  • The Center will serve proceedings in which the capital amount owed by the debtor, as per the list of creditors provided, is greater than 40 monthly legal minimum wages. 
  • Once the calculation has been made, the rate set forth below will be defined. The resulting amount will include both administrative expenses as well as the conciliator's fees. 
  • The resulting amount does not include VAT. 

Review the rates applicable to this service that will allow you to negotiate your debts with two or more creditors, and reach payment agreements. 

Rates 2023 (spanish version)

Insolvency rate calculator  (spanish version)

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