"A balance of our pathway as equity conciliators"

We have been asked to share the balance of our experiences as equity conciliators, after having walked in these shoes, reminiscing about those moments that have defined our lives in this role. We have also been asked to comment about the recommendations that we can make in order to ensure that this process is continuously improved. There are several things we can share about this life-changing work, which may be of your interest.

First and foremost, we feel satisfied and fullfied with the aftermath of the program. Despite the hard experiences, we have learned to value the true special moments: events that have helped us grow personally and professionally, while helping communities in solving inter-personal disputes. Many of us are witnesses of how the coexistence between neighbors has improved greatly, due to our intervention. Also, along the journey we have learned to value and persist in our contribution.

Our results confirm that issued can be resolved and that everything is achievable if there is a will. Also, we have noticed how positive our impact on society has been; as it contributes to the reconstruction of bonds and relations.

Indeed, the balance is a positive one; even though a few of us, very few, disagree and believe otherwise- feeling that their work is yet to begin, that they’ve could have done more or that there is still a long way. One realizes that, as true as that might be, it has not been due to a lack of will or commitment, but rather it can be attributed to factors which are beyond their control. Even so, and after having walked down this road, there are those who are willing to start off with great energy and will, true natural leaders.

"The present of an equity conciliator" 

As an equity conciliator, I have been through both difficulties and achievements. The most satisfactory changes have occurred in my own personal life. I am not the same person with my children and wife, nor siblings. I think my mom is the happiest, she has noticed that I am more self-confident now. I argue and fight less, having more dialogues. Furthermore, I have grown intellectually, thanks to the different trainings and courses I have taken, which have allowed me to understand and know more about conflict, individuals, feelings and emotions.

Truth be told, my life has changed. My neighbors respect me more and are noticing me as someone who is capable of listening to others and contribute to build a peaceful coexistence in my neighbourhood and city. At work I have also earned the trust of my colleagues, since I have promoted the resolution of disputes through dialogue and conciliation.

Today I realize I can help others. I appreciate life in a different manner, helping others realize that it is possible to do things differently, without making significant efforts, only through strong help and collaboration. I believe people who encountered violence, can begin to appreciate us little by little, as valuable citizens who will contribute in the much needed cultural changes.

"Our current position as coexistence promoters is satisfactory"

At present, promoters are assisting our community by fostering social coexistence. This can be done in the different roles we play within the society: as promoters, volunteers, members of the community boards, among others. We as coexistence facilitators have been supporting our communities through accompaniment and training sessions, making them realize about the importance of peaceful conflict resolutions and dialogue as the most vital tool.

Personally we have grown. Our volunteer work is highly recognized by the community. The trainings have helped us become stronger social leaders, taking our ideas across a broader range of people, inspiring them to respect each other and ensuring a better coexistence in their families, neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

Nowadays we experience conflict in a much more positive fashion, without facing so many obstacles and difficulties when it comes to resolving disputes. Being a coexistence promoter has allowed us to apply the skills and abilities necessary to help and support our neighbors so they can peacefully resolve their conflicts.

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