Testimonies and success stories

The CCB, through the Center of Arbitration and Conciliation and the Enterprise Strengthening area has created the Hermes-Atenea Entrepreneurial Coexistence Partnership (CREA), where young people who have been trained by the Hermes Program and have discovered their social leadership, autonomy, dialogue and negotiation skills are trained in the construction of coexistence scenarios within their academic institutions, in three main areas of attention: 

  • Job opportunities
  • Productive projects 
  • Social service spaces for Bogotá and the Region



What our students think

I was a very conflictive person. I had no tolerance for my classmates, they insulted me, they laughed at me because of my skin color. I was afraid. Since I began participating in the Hermes Program, I have learned to face problems following a different approach. Now I understand that talking is an option that is worth using.  


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