How it works


Qualified experts:

This service provides you with a list of experts trained in the preparation and drafting of technical reports and opinions as part of either a judicial, arbitration or administrative proceeding, in order to settle a dispute or simply as part of a requirement to have an expert opinion. 

File your request on the 3rd floor of our Salitre venue, or on the 5th floor of our Chapinero venue.

• Indicate the modality sought.
• State the considerations to be taken into consideration.
• The addresses or means to receive physical and electronic communications.

When filing the request you will be required to pay an amount equivalent to twenty five (25) daily legal minimum wages, plus VAT.


  • Qualified Expert Analysis. Any person or company may request the appointment of an expert on a specific field to issue a professional decision related to the matters at hand.
  • Legally Binding Expert Report. If the request is based on an existing dispute, the parties may agree that the report issued by the expert shall be legally binding over them. The report will have the same effects as a transaction would, and will bring final resolution to the differences.
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