International Arbitration

How do I file a Request for International Arbitration?

As claimant, you must submit to the Center a brief that fulfills the requirements of article 3.5(3) of the Rules of procedure for international commercial arbitration. Along with the above-referenced brief (“Request for International Arbitration”), you must enclose:

(a) a copy of the receipt or payment stub of the International Arbitration Filling Fee; and

(b) documentation of submittal of the brief to the defendant(s) known or last known address.

The Center for Arbitration and Conciliation, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, is Latin America’s leading arbitral institution. For more than 30 years, the Center has contributed to dispute settlement from a privileged location in the heart of the Americas, as both the region’s premier neutral venue to solve business-related difficulties and as an exporter of "know how" to other arbitral institutions across South America, the Caribbean, and Central America.

The centre only administers international arbitration cases under its own rules of procedure or the UNCITRAL rules, in the three main languages of the western hemisphere: Spanish, English and Portuguese. As one of the most respected and trusted arbitral institutions, the Center continues to evolve offering administration of flexible international arbitral proceedings tailored-made to meet today’s international trade needs.

As defined by Article 62 of Colombia’s Ley 1563 of 2012 (Arbitral Statute), without prejudice to any treaty in force for Colombia, arbitration shall be international whenever:

(a) The parties to a contractual arbitration clause or a separate arbitration agreement have–at the time of conclusion–places of business (domiciles) in different States;

(b) The place where a substantial part of the obligations is to be performed or the place “most closely related to the object of the dispute” are located outside the State in which the parties have places of business (domiciles); or

(c) The dispute has an impact on international trade (the dispute “directly affects the interests of international trade”).

In order for an international arbitration case to de administered by the Center, parties need to consent to use the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce’s International Arbitration. To see a model clause (for inclusion in your relevant contracts and other agreements), please visit this link.


Learn more about our list of arbitrators (International Arbitration) 

List of arbitrators (International Arbitration) here.

Our rules of procedure (International Arbitration) here and our International Arbitration Filling Fee here


Questions? Contact the Head of the International Arbitration Section at (procedural and legal queries).

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International Arbitration Fee Information
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