What is it?

It is a means of resolving conflicts, based on communications between the parties, the exchange of ideas and the participation of a third party expert in conflict resolution. 

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Advantages of opting for a conciliation process

  • It is efficient: the hearing to resolve the conflict will be held within 7 work days.
  • It is confidential: nothing that is discussed during the conciliation hearing may be disclosed to third parties.
  • It is legally sound: the agreement reached during the conciliation procedure is legally valid, just as a court sentence would be.
  • It is specialized: we have expert professionals getting trained constantly in conciliation and negotiation tools, as well as in other areas of the law.

Our numbers vouch for us 

These are some of the figures that support the work being carried out by the Center of Arbitration and Conciliation's Conciliation program, seeking to bring well-being to entrepreneurs in Bogotá and the Region.
Requests for Conciliation Proceedings over the past four years:

  • Year 2012: 7.283
  • Year 2013: 7.853
  • Year 2014: 9.460
  • Year 2015: 7.339

Furthermore, the Center of Arbitration and Conciliation closed 2014 with an 83% effectiveness percentage in conciliation agreements.

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